The Supernova Dream Team is the result of three independent studios that joined forces, combining top talents to create the ultimate powerhouse.


Welcome to Supernova Games, the forefront of AA and AAA game development services. Committed to designing captivating 3D games, we cater to diverse audiences with unparalleled precision. With a rich legacy of expertise, we pledge to offer game development services that exceed expectations. Be it PC, console, or mobile platforms, our proficient team is dedicated to sculpting celestial adventures that leave players spellbound. Partner with Supernova Games, and embark on a journey where innovation seamlessly merges with reliability.


When it comes to hiring the best game developers in the industry, look no further than Supernova Games. We are renowned for our expertise, reliability, and tried-and-true track record. Our range of exceptional services includes an array of offerings, including:


From brainstorming concepts to bringing them to life, we meticulously craft video games that resonate with players. We focus on all the details, combining striking visuals, engaging sounds, and enjoyable gameplay. Whether you're after an expansive adventure, a challenging puzzle, or a multiplayer experience, our expert team transforms your vision into a captivating game.


We take pride in crafting game assets that are visually stunning and captivating. Every game produced in our studio boasts vibrant, eye-catching graphics, fluid animations, and enticing assets that continually engage players. Our expert artists and designers meticulously create and optimize game elements to ensure peak performance and player immersion.


Our goal is to create interfaces that are user-friendly, functional, and visually pleasing. From intuitive HUD designs to stunning visuals, we make gameplay simple and enjoyable for players. We ensure a hassle-free and engaging experience across different platforms including PC and Consoles.


At Supernova Games, we put a lot of effort into testing and ensuring high quality. We follow a thorough process for Quality Assurance (QA) and testing to identify and solve issues, improve functionality, and ensure all elements function harmoniously. We aim to guarantee that your game is excellent and functions seamlessly. You can rely on us to provide you with a polished and enjoyable gaming experience.


Even after we finish the game development phase, we're here to support and maintain your game. Our team is dedicated to adding new elements, making new levels and mechanics, and making changes based on what players suggest. We also work on improving the design of game elements. We are committed to ensuring a continually enriching experience for players by keeping your game updated, fresh, and engaging.

Flexible Pricing Structures

We offer a range of pricing models tailored to meet your specific needs, focusing on delivering AA and AAA quality solutions. Choose from the following models or combine them as per your requirements. We are committed to helping you select the most suitable structure for your project.


We adjust the pricing according to the specific details of your project, making sure everything is clear from the start of development. Our fixed-price approach allows you to confidently organize and allocate funds for your game development project. You'll have a clear understanding of what to anticipate, and there won't be any unexpected costs along the journey.


Benefit from our flexible time and material model, where the cost is determined based on active time and resources invested in your project. This provides the most price-efficient model and allows for dynamic adjustments as the project evolves.


Our hybrid pricing model provides flexibility and convenience for those with varying cash flows. With this model, a fixed amount is paid in advance, serving as a retainer, from which the hours and materials are billed. This allows you to get work done as your finances allow, while still progressing steadily with your game development project.


Supernova Games provides you with the chance to enhance your resources through a dedicated team. This team can work on their own or smoothly join your current team setup. This expansion offers complete assistance and access to all the required resources and facilities, making sure your project succeeds.


At Supernova Games, we’re experts at using the latest technologies to create incredible gaming experiences. We make use of top-notch game engines like UE4 & UE5 (Unreal Engine) and Unity 3D to achieve exceptional outcomes. Here’s how we stand out with these technologies:

At Supernova Games, we’re always exploring and embracing the newest advancements in game engine technologies. This helps us stay ahead in the industry and guarantees that our games provide the best quality and unforgettable experiences for our players.

Previous Projects

Here, at Supernova Games our primary goal is to create products that exceed your expectations and bring satisfaction to our clients. We take pride in our collaboration, with clients and the remarkable projects we undertake together.

We have over 200 years of combined experience in the video game development industry.
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A team that has withstood the test of time, and continued to grow together for the past 10 years.
A stellar team of over 50 cross-trained members that are well-rounded and supportive.
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Introducing Supernova Games:
Crafting Unforgettable Gaming Experiences

At Supernova Games, our skilled video game developers and designers work hard to bring you the absolute best in gaming fun. We’re really into coming up with new ideas and making things perfect, aiming to give you unforgettable experiences in each of these types of games:


How long does it take to create a video game?

The complexity of the video game is the primary predictor for the length of time it takes to create the video game. A simple game mechanics with simple graphics could take as little as 3 months to build with a small team, whereas a complex game with life-like graphics could take several years with a large team.

What's the first step to making a game?

Call us philosophical, but the first step to creating a great game is dreaming of fun! If you can imagine playing and enjoying this game, then we can build your vision! Step two, is to reach out to Supernova Games to make it happen!

Do you offer game development for all platforms?

We offer development for most major platforms as well as multi-platform development.

What about intellectual property rights? Do I own my IP?

Yes! You do own your IP. We offer non-disclosure agreements and contracts to protect your rights and your ideas.

Do I need a complete market plan before reaching out?

If you have a fully developed go-to-market plan, you're ahead of most. If not, we can help you from the very beginning! From concepting to release, we can expand your vision and get your masterpiece into the hands of your intended audience.


Ready to kickstart your project? Fill out our form with all the relevant details, and we’ll promptly get in touch with you. Let’s bring your project to life!