The Supernova Dream Team is the result of three independent studios that joined forces, combining top talents to create the ultimate powerhouse.

Art and Animation

We’re a well-known partner in game development, focusing on creating impressive 3D games for various platforms. We have extensive knowledge and technical skills in art and animation, allowing us to provide advanced game-creation services that fit different types of players. Our goal is to make sure we perfect our work on time and meet all the client requirements.


We offer comprehensive art support throughout all stages of game production, utilizing cutting-edge gaming art solutions to breathe life into your project. We guarantee a flawless outcome that aligns perfectly with your vision, timeline, and budget.

3d ART:

We’re famous for our amazing artistic skills and our ability to create top-notch AA and AAA quality art for video games. Our talented 3D artists go above and beyond with game design, creating characters, environments, objects, and concepts that fit perfectly into any size of project.


Our team of seasoned animators is committed to crafting captivating and authentic art that aligns seamlessly with your project’s ambiance. Leveraging advanced 3D graphic and animation tools, coupled with a refined aesthetic sensibility, we design a spectrum of characters and objects. By emphasizing even the smallest of details, we strive to produce bespoke video game art that resonates with your audience.

OUR Mastery


Through our sculpting technique, we create 3D models with meticulous attention to detail, These models include real characters, objects, and places that pull players into amazing worlds. Additionally, we utilize UV Mapping to enhance the appearance, texture, and surfaces, providing elements of creativity and realism in everything.


At the heart of our creative process lies the power of concept art, ensuring genuine, innovative, and credible visuals for our characters, props, environments, and elements. With creativity as our most potent tool, we strive for nothing less than excellence.


We ensure the preservation of model quality while optimizing game performance during animation.


In Supernova Games, we breathe life into virtual worlds and characters through art animation. Our team of talented animators combines creativity and technical prowess to elevate the player experience in visually stunning 2D or 3D assets.


Concept Art

This is the first step in the artistic process where vision for the characters, props, environments, and other elements are concepted visually.

Shape Blocking

in this step, artists create a rough, simplified version of the game’s models or level layout using basic shapes such as cubes, cylinders, and spheres.

Sculpting / High Poly Mesh

This is a technique used in video game development to create detailed 3D models of characters, props, and environments.


Used in video game development to reduce the number of polygons in 3D model while maintaining the model’s shape and details. This step is crucial to maximize game performance when using animation.

UV Mapping

This step involves flattening a 3D model’s surface into a 2D plane and creating a map that defines how textures should be applied to the model’s surface.


The high poly model’s surface details are captured and baked onto the low poly mesh, allowing for an optimized model to retain the details and texture of the high poly mesh.


This is an essential technique in 3D art development that involves creating 2D textures to be applied to a model’s surface, giving it the appearance of being 3D.


This is an important technique to master when creating video games. By creating a skeleton with mapped pivot points we are able to manipulate the movements and animations of characters and objects. These movements create a unique styling and also showcase intentionality in the animations.


Supernova Games is the trusted partner of leading industry players. Renowned companies confidently entrust us with their gaming ventures, relying on our expertise and solutions to elevate their success to new heights.


When it comes to hiring the best game developers in the industry, look no further than Supernova Games. We are renowned for our expertise, reliability, and tried-and-true track record. Our range of exceptional services includes an array of offerings, including:


We establish the gold standard in the industry through unparalleled visual excellence, taking gaming experiences to unprecedented levels.

3D Art

We design lifelike elements for captivating experiences.


Where vivid, dynamic characters and intricate elements come to life, crafting a thrilling, exhilarating, and unforgettable gaming experience.


Bringing together captivating visuals and fun actions to make your gaming experience better.

Level Design

We create exciting adventures by designing impressive levels full of interesting elements.


We enhance gaming experiences by integrating visually striking effects and animations, seamlessly bringing the virtual world to life for players.

Concept Art

We’re adept at crafting unique, stimulating, artistic, and memorable game worlds that will be unforgettable to players.


Experience the Perfect Fusion of Artistic Expertise and Seamless Collaboration.



At Supernova Games, our unwavering commitment to creativity propels us to design distinctive products that bring maximum satisfaction to our valued customers. In collaboration with our clients, we undertake ambitious projects, pushing the limits of innovation and excellence in the gaming world.

We have over 200 years of combined experience in the video game development industry.
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A team that has withstood the test of time, and continued to grow together for the past 10 years.
A stellar team of over 50 cross-trained members that are well-rounded and supportive.
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Are you able to utilize pre-existing art and animation resources?

Indeed, we can. However, to maintain our quality standards, we might need to tweak some of these assets to better serve our needs.

How do you ensure the quality of the art and animation produced?

We employ a project-specific pipeline coupled with a team of seasoned professionals to assure AAA-grade quality.

Can you handle large-scale projects or tight deadlines?

Absolutely. Our flexible team setup allows us to increase manpower as needed to meet the demands of large-scale projects and stringent timelines.

How do I request a quote for art and animation services?

The estimate is calculated based on the project's complexity and the required services, considering the manpower and hours needed. The fastest way to get a quote is to message us on our contact form, then we can schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Who holds the ownership rights for the game's art and animations?

We assure the client's commercial rights to the game's products through a contract before the project commences. The contract also specifies when we can use these products as portfolio items.

Do you offer exclusive licensing for the artwork, and how does it work?

For custom artwork and character commissions, we grant full licensing and ownership to the client

Do you conduct playtesting to ensure the effectiveness of the UI/UX design?

Indeed, we undertake comprehensive play-testing not only for the enjoyment it brings but also to ensure the flawless execution of our work.

Do you deliver animations in multiple formats to fit different game engines?

Yes, as most game engines share similar animation workflows, we adapt based on project needs and optimize the model and rigging accordingly.

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